To launch Clinique's Pep Start #ImIn social media campaign, the WaR Agency collaborated with six influencers who carried out an #ImIn challenge set by Clinique and filmed by the team at STACK Ad Agency. The footage was used for Clinique's video campaign which appeared on the Clinique website, social media channels, digital ads and in the Piccadilly Circus digital billboard outdoor advertisement.


The Solution

The influencers were cast in pairs, utilising existing friendships to create chemistry on camera and to naturally bring the campaign idea of encouraging your friends to be 'ready for anything' to reality. The content prompted the influencers to say #ImIn to exciting new challenges with Pep-Start Eye Cream. They captured a mix of behind the scenes footage and other visuals of the Pep-Start Eye Cream product to feature in their blog-post, video and social pieces.


The Result

The influencers were actively engaged in the Clinique campaign throughout, interacting with each other on various different platforms to drive social media buzz and encourage conversation for the campaign. In total 6 x blog-posts, 3 x YouTube videos, 6 Snapchat Stories and 33 social media posts were produced. Influencers went above and beyond their social deliverables with 21/33 of these social posts being in added value. The content created by the influencers had a combined reach of over 1.1 million users and over 2.6 million impressions.