Be Cooler Unisex Sweatshirt

Be Cooler Unisex Sweatshirt


‘Be Cooler’ is about being cooler than the bullies, being cooler than the trolls, being cooler than the kid that has to be mean, being yourself and being proud of who you are and knowing that if you are a victim of bullying you are not alone…

In 2017 The WaR Agency was inspired by the mum of a girl who committed suicide due to online and phone bullying. A popular, seemingly happy girl who hid her distress – it wasn’t until it was too late that her family discovered the extent of bullying via her social channels and her phone. There were no visible bruises, there was nothing to see, no signs, no clues, just a very private pain.  Her mum said ‘It only takes one cool kid at school to turn the tide’ and so we thought it was time to take responsibility for our part in the digital landscape and the influencers we work with and help educate about the consequences of bullying and offer support to those who are suffering from it. ‘Be Cool’ was born.

This year we have seen a rise in online trolling, a rise in teenage suicide, a rise in self harming, a rise in incidents of public shaming on social media…its not getting better it’s getting much much worse.

The cyber bully, the online bully, the instagram tag name that keeps anonymity as they post poisonous comments, these are the worst kind of bully as they are cowardly and don’t have to face their victims.

That said we at WaR believe that everyone deserves compassion  - maybe you bully because you were bullied…we don’t think that attacking someone for bullying is helpful either  - we want the attacking to stop on all sides. 

If you have a voice – what do you want to say? We ask you to support us by wearing the BE COOLER sweater and using the hashtags #BECOOLER #Stopbullying

All profit will go to the registered charity Teen Yoga. We support Teen Yoga because raising awareness of a problem is one thing, but this charity provides actual emotional coping tools via their work in schools and communities so that once you have been brave enough to ask for help there is a practical support network that can take you forward and help you feel that you are enough.

Thanks for your support! x

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