Be Cool

Cyber-bullying Influencer Campaign



Cyberbullying: Teenagers have been victims of bullying, teenagers have always bullied - but in todays society we are seeing a different kind of bully, a bully that can hide behind the smoke screen of their digital persona, the bully that doesn't need to face the person they crush. The most cowardly of bully - the cyber bully.


The Solution

We invited influencers to be part of our cyber bullying campaign at the end of May 2017. As parents we felt compelled to act and tackle the problem head on. We know the power of social influence when it's used in the right way. Teenage suicides are high as a consequence of bullying, a sad fact that will get worse before it gets better. The mother of a girl who committed suicide for this very reason said on national television, "It only takes one 'cool' kid to turn the tide. Teenagers don't see that it is cool to be kind." We need to make it cool to be kind. Our aim was to: Educate the influencers audience on the issues of cyber bullying and its negative effects. Generate awareness around the ‘BE COOL’ anti-cyber bullying campaign #BECOOL #STOPBULLYING. Create a digital buzz around the campaign and start the trend to ‘BE COOL’ .


The result

Overwhelming support and participation from both influencers and talent management. Instagram stories and Facebook coverage exceeding an audience of 3 million+ with 75,000+ engagements. BE COOL t-shirts made available for consumer purchase after huge demand. Massive thanks to all those that participated.