Founded in 2010, the WaR Agency was one of the pioneers in Influencer Marketing - leading the way in educating brands and championing the benefits of working with influencers. We have been providing influencer consultancy services, strategising and implementing successful solutions across all sectors with unsurpassed ability to achieve ROI longer than anyone else. Whether that be analysing existing in-house influencer strategies and performance or managing all your influencer activities - WaR's expertise is unrivalled.


As the UK’s leading influencer consultancy we have complete autonomy to help you build solutions that best meet your goals. Everything we do is bespoke to you, from developing your strategy and influencer selection through to event/experience production, reporting, and full influencer management. 


As many of our clients manage influencer activities in-house, we also provide support services assisting you in the management and execution of your own influencer activities; WaR’s expertise in analysis and guidance allows you to achieve maximum results when conducting in-house activities. 


WaR has managed some of the largest UK Influencer campaigns and we continue to be the most trusted voice of authority delivering exceptional results and expertise.