Founded in 2010, the WaR Agency was one of the pioneers in Influencer Marketing - leading the way in educating brands and championing the benefits of working with Influencers. We have been providing influencer consultancy services, strategising and implementing successful solutions across all sectors with unsurpassed ability to achieve ROI longer than anyone else.

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WaR has been creating and project managing worldwide experiential events for over 8 years.  Integrated experiences to help engage and connect with your target audience. 





The New way of marketing

Native advertising is now a necessity rather than a choice. You as a brand need to create a positive reputation in the eyes of the consumers, who now more than ever are in control of what content they want to see.


User behaviour has changed

Consumers increasingly prefer an authentic trusted opinion over the voice of the brand itself. Personal recommendation is the most trusted form of advertising or communication.



Who to work with, how to work with them, who can be trusted to deliver, who has proven results (actual ROI) .. are some of the challenges.


The solution

Partnering with WaR. Not only have we unsurpassed heritage and results, we are the industries leading voice of authority. We'll guide you in achieving the very best results or manage those activities for you.




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