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On October 11th 2017, Bloglovin’ gathered a select group of key players in the influencer marketing space — brand marketers, agency execs, digital publishers and social media influencers for a summit in New York City, COLLAB/17. L’Oréal, Man Repeller, LVMH, The Blonde Salad, Volvo, 12ish Style & Toast the Dog, HGTV Magazine, Godiva, Coach, DBA, H&M, Zanita Whittington, and Warner Bros. were amongst the companies and brands in attendance. We were excited to kick off the day with a keynote address, The Future of Brands and Influencers, from Uri Minkoff, CEO & Co-Founder of Rebecca Minkoff.

As noted by WWD, Minkoff’s theme throughout his fervent talk was to inform us of the “influencer obsessed future” that he sees for his brand and for the fashion industry overall.

Minkoff’s address began in 2005 with a discussion of the Minkoffs’ first forays into influencer marketing when Uri and his sister Rebecca started their business as “outsiders” in the fashion community. With swift adaptive instincts, the Rebecca Minkoff brand adopted influencers long before their competitors started to take them seriously as content creators and publishers.



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