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Amazon tasked WaR with increasing awareness of Amazon Video to a wide, targeted audience (particularly students) and to promote Amazon Video’s Student Deal. WaR partnered with six influential bloggers to produce editorial blog content and social media posts to effectively showcase Amazon Video and the Amazon Video Student Deal. WaR built a unique campaign narrative around the idea of an ‘Amazon Video Club’.

The Solution

Like a traditional book club, influencers joined to watch and review different Amazon Video shows to promote the service whilst raising awareness for the great shows available. Over a six week period, each influencer selected an Amazon Video series for the group to watch and review that week. Through beautiful posts featuring Amazon Video as the focus, engaging copy discussed the shows and Amazon Video.

The Result

This approach allowed the influencers to present the streaming service to their followers in a personal and appealing manner. The blog content was supported by Twitter Q&A’s and Snapchat Stories, in which influencers successfully encouraged participation from followers to join in on the conversation. The bloggers produced a total of 13 blog-posts and over 150 social media posts, which includes 85 added value social media posts. This lead to the campaign reaching a combined audience of over 5.375 million.