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In this post, GlobalWebIndex‘s Senior Trends Analyst Katie Young talks about Generation Z, and their potential receptiveness to influencer marketing.Millennials have long been the focus of marketers’ attention and plenty of research has been done to try and better understand these often-perplexing consumers. But as Millennials enter the next stage of their lives, it’s time for marketers to now start paying attention to the new kids on the block – Generation Z – who will soon be wielding their spending power and influence.

Putting tens of millions of people into a generational archetype will undoubtedly create some big generalizations, but a 16-year old in 2017 really does live in a different world to a 16-year old in 2007. Whereas Millennials will remember the arrival of Facebook and a time before smartphones, Generation Z are digital natives, born into a high-tech and highly-networked world. And there are some defining attributes and behaviors of theirs that marketers can’t afford to ignore – one of them being their potential receptiveness to influencer marketing.


Blog post originally taken from https://wearesocial.com/uk/

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