To promote Garnier’s BB Extra Light Cream, The WaR Agency collaborated with a range of key influencers to create a strong campaign, focusing on beautiful editorial blog content and engaging social posts. Nine select fair influencers were engaged for the activity, focusing on partnerships utilising the influencers’ best performing channels. Five talents created blog-posts, which shared their review of the Garnier BB Extra Light Cream, alongside discussion of their opinions on the challenges and solutions of having fair skin. All content naturally integrated the BB Extra Light product. Other influencers created Instagram Diaries, live Twitter Q&A’s and series of promotional Instagram posts. Social media content was engaging and conversation starting, encouraging their audiences to share their views, questions and comments surrounding the topic of pale skin. Communication embraced and celebrated being pale, creating a positive buzz amongst the targeted audience. The campaign delivered content across various channels of the key influencers, reaching an audience of over 1.8 million.